DIY FRIDAY! Winter Centrepiece to Bring Colour to Your Table

OK, so we went easy for this DIY project. With cold fingers & thoughts leaning toward food, rather than DIY projects, we thought we’d do a little combo & share a simple DIY project which will brighten up your room (and dinner table) this winter. It’ll be a wonderful addition to the dinner parties you hope to throw this icy winter!














Step 1:

Place a small glass or vase inside a large vase.















Step 2:

Fill the bottom with citrus fruit of one colour (e.g. lemons or naartjies).














Step 3:

Add another layer of fruit of a different colour (e.g. limes)














Step 4:

Add water to the small vase/glass














Step 5:

Put freshly cut flowers from your garden/store into the little vase/glass.














Voila! A perfect centre piece of a dinner table or simply to brighten up your room. The citrus fruit will smell lovely, too.

They will last some time before going bad, but remember to use them before they do! Citrus can be bought in abundance during winter, so try out some citrus recipes to make the best use of them.






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