Volunteering improves your health & safety!

How can volunteering improve your health? And how does it all affect your safety levels?

First: reducing your stress helps your personal health, and people report across the board that volunteering helps them REDUCE their stress levels (you’d think the extra time taken to do it would increase stress, but it does the opposite. Perhaps by putting things into perspective & adding an improved sense of purpose to your life?)

Second: you connect with other communities & this will increase your understanding & way of engaging with the world around you. Hiding your home is no way to keep stress levels down & interact safely with your world.

Third: improving the lives of those around you will increase the safety of your own community & thus your own life & those of your family members. See the book “Where’s the Chicken” for a good understanding of this concept.

Your life will improve in ways you probably don’t know or expect by joining a group of volunteers. I’m not kidding – I’ve started volunteering on weekends, and I’m a happier & healthier person & more productive, to boot! Check out this infographic below, we sourced from Freelancersunion via http://www.good.is


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