Signal Jamming & Vehicle Theft – Some info

This post has been reblogged from It was posted in 2011, but with the spate of break-ins lately, we thought it worth re-posting!



Many emails are doing the rounds warning consumers against a wide variety of threats. Many of these are far from the truth – sometimes even bordering on the absurd.

One such alert worth discussing is the warning to check that your car is securely locked once you leave the car. We often leave our cars simply clicking the immobilizer button on the key and trusting this security system to have been activated. Few are waiting and checking to see that that vehilces are locked!

The Arrive Alive website received several emails from vehicle owners in the past few years complaining about theft from their vehicles when on holiday. It is interesting to note that several of these reported incidents occurred at the Shell Ultra City at Middelburg.

We’d like to interject here – there were two long accounts of burglaries occurring at the Middleburg petrol station (check them out here), but the important take-away from these examples is that in general, the contents of your vehicle are not covered by insurance companies, if you experience a break-in. So check your policy & ensure that you remove everything valuable from your car when parked!

Signal jamming theft with remote controls

Earlier this week a road safety friend emailed an extract from the Daily News and a consumer alert on exactly this modus operandi of gaining access to vehicles and stealing property within these vehicles.

From an insurance view it is important to know that personal belongings left inside the car will not be covered by your car insurance policy!

It is alleged that gate remotes are used to deactivate the immobilizer of vehicles. Vehicle security experts have confirmed that remote controls can be jammed or their signals interfered with.

We would like to provide the following safety suggestions:

Advice to Vehicle owners to avoid theft from their vehicles

•        Be alert and cautious to where you park your vehicle.

•        It is best to park where there are many people around and in the vicinity of security cameras.

•        Be on the lookout for people who are wandering around for no apparent reason.

•        If you are spending time in a restaurant and it is possible – find a seat within view of your vehicle.

•        Do not rush away from your vehicle without checking whether your vehicle is indeed secure.

•        Wait for the “beeb” from the immobilizer – or even better – see that your doors are locked.

•        Close all the windows of your vehicle

•        It is best not to leave items such as Ipods, cellular phones, GPS devices, laptops etc within your car for all to see!

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