The Theftie – Mobile Security App that Snaps Your Phone’s Thief!

Source: CNet

Source: CNet

I really love the sound of this. Almost makes me want to get a decent phone just to install it.

A new function called ‘theftie’, has been added feature on Lookout’s new security service for mobile devices.

The app currently sends you e-mail alerts when it detects suspicious behaviour on your phone (e.g. uninstalling software, typing your pin code in incorrectly a few times, removing the SIM card, etc.) and GPS tracks it so you can find it again. Now it offers the ‘theftie’ feature – a surreptitious snapshot of the person using your phone at the time, sent directly to your inbox along with all the GPS info.The camera doesn’t reveal that a photo’s being taken, but people are so fed up with theft that they’re willing to have their privacy invaded for this feature.

The security app also has different settings for the types & regularity of alerts you get, so if you’re someone who regularly installs & uninstalls programmes, for example, you can probably adjust your settings. You can get the service on phones running Google’s mobile OS & Android, while features are somewhat limited on iPhone because of development issues had with working with the Apple OS. For Apple users, the alerts are triggered by removing the SIM and putting the phone in airplane mode.

The theftie function is not ideal yet – because the pictures are not necessarily clear or centered. But it’s a cool add-on & will certainly help finding the culprits a little more easily.

Source: CNet

Source: CNet

Though the theftie alert forms part of Lookout’s premium service, existing users of the free service should have access as well. At the prices that smart-phones are going now, I sincerely recommend this sort of app (or any other handy security service like this one) is top of your app budget.  I’m still stuck with my pretty lousy blackberry for now, but as soon as I’m due for an upgrade, I’ll probably get a decent security app at the same time (and don’t forget the insurance!). Yikes, living the technological dream is expensive.


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