Can Self-driving Cars Make Our Roads Safer?

Google’s been going mental with all their latest self-driving vehicle developments.

The latest: an entirely driver-less vehicle shaped a bit like a kid’s toy, cushioned at the front & going no faster than 40km per hour. 

Cute, huh? Source:

Cute, huh? Source:














The latest prototype has no steering wheel or other controls, and requires no driver. My mind can’t get around this! I’m excited but horrified at the same time. I immediately wonder: can’t we just have a more regular bus service? But then, if you’re far away from a bus terminal or can’t walk to & from the public transport stops, I suppose that this may seem pretty attractive.

I know that SA is far from ready for something like this. But perhaps in the future? What would it mean in a hijacking scenario, for example? Would somebody even want to hijack this car? Or a ‘smash-&-grab’ incident? I hate that those are some of the first things I thought of, but they were & let’s hope that by the time these little critters come to our shores, we’ll have curbed our crime rate & are all getting along much better with one another in general (hey, I can dream!).

Google did launch driver-less cars & has seen them driving around California streets for a good while now – but all of those had a registered driver at the ready, and override controls, when necessary.

What do you think of this new move in safer driving?




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