News: Silver Mercedes Gang Robbing Gauteng Suburbs

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the burglars in the Southern Suburbs area who are cruising neighbourhoods in particularly swish cars & waiting for you to enter/exit your property & rob you.

Recently, Joburg’s been in the news for burglars using similar tactics. Read the post re-blogged from Eyewitness News.

Sydney King | a day ago
JOHANNESBURG – Gauteng police have been investigating various incidents involving a four-member gang dubbed the ‘Silver Mercedes Gang’ which is operating in a number of Johannesburg suburbs.

In the latest incident, a Blairgowrie home was robbed at the weekend.

David Evans says three armed men in a silver Mercedes-Benz ransacked his home at the weekend stealing anything they could carry.

Evans says he had never heard of the gang before the incident.

He says while he is glad he and his wife were unarmed, they are still very shaken up.

“I have never really been in this sort of situation before. We have been in our house for 22 months. You move into a house and it’s your dream home but that sort of trust has been ruined and you no longer sleep that well at night.”

Evans has also posted CCTV footage of the incident online in an effort to alert people about the gang which has since gone viral.

A case has been opened at the Linden police station.

Officials believe the gang has been operating in a number of Johannesburg suburbs, including Glenvista, Mulbarton and Brackendowns.

It uses a C-Class Mercedes as its car of choice.




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