DIY Friday! 7 Stylish Winter Accessories Projects

We’ve got an EASY one for you today. No sawing, no drilling, just something to make your life comfortable, cosy & potentially  more stylish (it’s up to you).

This week’s DIY Friday showcases Clothing DIY projects for winter. You KNOW we always seem to be taken by surprise in winter here in SA, and what with the poor insulation in our homes & the insane electricity prices, I think some cosy clothing is just the ticket.

So here are a few of the great projects found around the web:

DIY Earmuffs:

You only need FIVE items to make this winter must. This accessory will stop that cold Cape Town wind from blowing in your ears, and should take you almost no time to make. You can purchase a glue gun at most craft stores or hardware stores. Mica hardware in Claremont, for example, stocked it last time I was there, so give your local hardware store a call. These guns are ever so handy for craft & DIY projects.

Find the tutorial at P.S. – I made this…







2. Woolly bangles


Source: Mrs Polly Rogers

Source: Mrs Polly Rogers

I’m sure you have some bangles lying about that you don’t really have use for. AND an old sweater that’s too full of holes to donate or to wear. Combine the two, and you’ve got an awesome winter accessory!

Find the tutorial at Mrs Polly Rogers.










3. NO-SEW Sweater Boots

Source: La Vie DIY

Source: La Vie DIY

That’s right. No sewing. Transform that tattered sweater & those Uggs (or any other boots you fancy) into leg warmers. Hmm, you could change colours regularly too & keep things fresh.

Tutorial can be found at: La Vie DIY











4. DIY Headband

Source: Clones N Clowns

Source: Clones N Clowns

Another old sweater project. Perhaps by this point you should be raiding the wardrobes of friends/parents/partner to source all these sweater sleeves. There are also plenty of projects that call for the rest of the sweater too, so don’t throw it away!

Clones N Clowns is where you can get hold of this tutorial. I have no idea what the deal with the name is.











5. Sweater Gloves

Source: Born in '82

Source: Born in ’82

Here you can use sweater sleeves of the non-woolly variety. And this project is incredibly easy, even my 4 year old niece can manage it.

I’ve tried a similar product while enduring a northern European winter, and I’ll tell you, it helps. Just covering your forearms like this (and having the freedom to remove it when required) will stop the biting cold somewhat. It doesn’t look too bad, either.

Get the tutorial at Born in ’82.




6. Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Source: See Kate Sew

Source: See Kate Sew

I’ve been looking for one of these for the niece mentioned above, for ages! Her head has outgrown the one she had as a toddler, so if I can convince her to put this thing on, I’ll be pleased. I kind of like the idea of having the fur on the inside, rather than the outside, as this may prove a bit more cosy. But perhaps the stuff sheds. In that case, what about a synthetic woolly substance?

Get the pattern & try out your version at See Kate Sew.















7. Indoor Felt Slippers

Source: Martha Stewart

Source: Martha Stewart

These are probably a relatively Christmassy item on the DIY list and, it being July, I’ll ask you to ignore the fact. Just because our winter comes mid-year doesn’t mean we don’t get to experience all the cool winter projects & gifts that come around Christmas time!

All you need is felt & sewing tools, and you’ll be braving those cold winter floors well. They make lovely gifts, too, so give them a try.

Here’s the tutorial via Martha Stewart.








Bonus: Easy Mittens from a Sweater

Well, that’s the lot. 7 awesome winter craft projects that will help you brave the cold AND satisfy your DIY needs.



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