DIY Friday! Fireplace Makover Just In Time For Winter

It is already getting COLD. If you’re in Cape Town, you’re definitely feeling it, right?

This week’s DIY focus looks at simple fireplace makeovers for those of us lucky to have one. I don’t, but my parents do, so I’ll be heading over to theirs to see what can be done about the rather dated beast that forms the centre feature in their living room.

This post is not instructional, but provides inspiration & links to other DIY tutorials so you can get a quick overview of what kind of makeover would best suit your fireplace.

Top tip: PAINT is your best friend with a fireplace makeover. It is the cheapest way of changing the look of the room in a quite cleverly & efficiently. Be sure to ask your paint supplier for tips on the best type of paint to use in this application.

1. Paint your way out of a dated room

Source: islaystreetstyle

Source: islaystreetstyle

A simple coat of paint over existing brickwork or plaster will transform the look of the fireplace & the room. You could even make the area appear a lot bigger by using painting tricks to do so.

Check out islaystreetstyle for this basic makeover.






Source: Mirror 80

Source: Mirror 80



2. Or do a simple whitewash

Source: Home D-zine

Source: Home D-zine

Whitewashing, like painting, will change the look of the fireplace with little effort & make it a more attractive feature of the room. Read more about how to do this on Home D-zine.


3. Paint a unique feature surrounding the fireplace.

Source: Our Fifth House

Source: Our Fifth House

Now this is a particularly clever paint trick, as it creates an entire feature out of the fireplace area. And it’s incredibly simple, as well as quirky. This blogger used the ever-popular chalkboard paint to create this look, which you can get at most paint or DIY stores. Additional decorative features were also added, such as photographs & trinkets & her bleak basement space became one to be admired.





4. Use your carpentry skills

fire place makeover

Source: Beneath My Heart

This makeover requires a bit of work with wood to make a framed area covering the brickwork. The carpentry was used to cover up the unevenness of the brickwork, and to create a smooth finish on which to paint & decorate. See how they did it at Beneath My Heart.







5. Get fancy with tiles

bliss-at-home-fireplaceEven tiling is possible for the determined DIY enthusiast! If all else fails, enlist a family member (I’m sure we all have one) who is skilled in this department. But tiling can be even easier than carpentry, depending on the surface you’re working with, so don’t shy away from this project.

You can find out how they completed this project at Bliss @ Home.





Source: S Interior Design

Source: S Interior Design


6. See if you can find Air Stone

Source: Life of the Farmer's Wife

Source: Life of the Farmer’s Wife

This cool product is all the rage abroad, and I’ve been trying to locate it here, but haven’t managed yet. But it would be a good idea just to chat to your favourite hardware store & find out if they have a similar product. This one looks like realistic stone, but is actually a lightweight, eco-friendly material that is 75% lighter than stone. It is also far easier to apply & will work nicely with small projects such as these. Whatever you use, please ensure that you are able to use it this close to a burning flame.







7. Or do most of the above & get this dramatic transformation!

This… to this…

Source: Young House Love

Source: Young House Love










and then that… to this!

Source: Young House Love

Source: Young House Love












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