DIY FRIDAY! Install a Night Lock on Your Sliding Door

Night locks for patio doors offer additional security at your sliding doors. They can be used as additional security to secure your doors when closed, or to fix it in an ajar position.

They’re simple to install & inexpensive.

Where to purchase: 

If you are already having InvisiBars™ installed by Thorne, you can purchase directly from them (and even get it installed as well for a small fee).

Or you can go to wholesalers like Makro or Yale, or stores such as Game. Any hardware store should offer this product.

The instructions below are offered in this simple & excellent video by Woodie’s DIY – an Irish Hardware Store chain that has a range of handy DIY videos & fantastic Irish accents that may make you want to watch the video all day.



  • Night Lock/Patio Lock
  • Measuring Tape
  • 3mm Drill Bit
  • 12.7mm Drill Bit (please check the specific sizes on your own lock purchased – here we usually require 10mm bits, so if the packaging doesn’t state clearly, check with your salesperson).
  • Screw Driver/Screw Gun
  • Power Drill
  • Screws (these usually come with the lock)
  • Pencil
  • Safety Goggles


Step 1: Mark the position with the pencil you’d like the lock on the door frame. Keep 2.5mm space away from the sliding section of the door. Mark through the screw holes in the lock.


Step 2: Open the door. Use the 3mm drill bit & drill 2 pilot holes at the positions you just marked. What are Pilot Holes? These are small holes which are drilled ahead of the full-sized holes & are used as a guide for when you are ready to drill your full-sized holes.

Step 3: Place the lock over the pilot holes & position the screws in the lock & pilot hole. Use your screwdriver/screw gun to screw in place. Ensure you are level with the lock while screwing into the frame as you don’t want too much of an angle on your screws or it won’t go flush with the lock & may look unsightly.



Step 4: Close door (properly). Mark the position of the receiver on the sliding door. To do this:

Press the lock into lock position (remember: you’ve shut the sliding door fully)

This will leave a mark on the door. That will be your centre point.



Step 5. Open the door. Using your 12.7mm bit, drill slowly into the door, ensuring you do NOT go right through to the other side.

Step 6: Put the plastic escutcheon into the hole & ensure it fits snugly & flush against the door frame. Use a hammer to push it in, if necessary.

Step 7: Test your lock! That’s it, all done 🙂 Now don’t forget to lock the door when not in use & to put the key in a safe place (away from the patio door).



Or watch the simple video below:



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