DIY FRIDAY! Tech DIY Recommendation – iFixit

This week’s DIY Friday will give you a break from the sanding, painting, hammering & whatnot.

Instead, we’re going to point you toward an incredible DIY website for those of you who have tech items you’d like fixed, but don’t want to fork over your hard-earned cash to do so. Now before you shout: “You’re mad! I can’t fix these incomprehensible pods of sleek plastic which enable me to live my life”, go and visit iFixit first to find out whether you can, indeed, save yourself a Rand or two by fixing things yourself.

But first: though the website’s manifesto maintains that they’re fighting for the right to repair products without voiding warranties, we’re not going to tell you to go ahead & do this without taking into consideration that this may happen. So if you’d rather not, don’t void any existing guarantees on your product by yanking it open & fiddling around. If your phone/camera/tablet is still under warranty, then take it to a registered service provider & get it fixed by them.

But if you have no option other than to buy a new item or exchange lots of cash for said repair, and you feel that you know your way around a tiny screwdriver, then check out iFixit’s manuals.

Thousands of repair guides for all manner of products

iFixit is an online community of problem-solving enthusiasts. Countless tutorials for fixing a wide variety of products have been uploaded to the website – from smartphone & camera guides to instructions on how to repair home appliances & even vehicles.

The philosophy is that repair is better than discarding or recycling an item, gives you true ownership of that item, helps the environment, teaches you about engineering & (here’s where your ears may prick up) SAVE YOU MONEY.



You’re encouraged to submit your own manuals & contribute to the range of guides available to the public – thereby empowering & helping others around you & helping the environment in general. Less waste & more money saved!

The guides are all accompanied by step-by-step pictures to help you along, and if you don’t find a guide, there’s a Q&A section where you can ask anybody who may know how to help you fix your problem.


Give it a try. Yank out that old HP printer, game console, blender or camera. You’ll feel so much better if you fix it yourself!


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