NEWS: Ward Councillor Attacks Resident in Claremont

Source: Times Live.

An incident on the 9th of April 2014 was caught on camera & quickly circulated on social media when Claremont resident, Darron Araujo, brought local concerns to the attention of ward councillor, Ian Iversen.

What unfolds, as shown in the video below, is quite distressing for those of us who would like to ensure that our neighbourhood concerns are listened to & who generally do not expect (literal) slaps in the face when bringing them up with local government!

Side note: Many neighbourhoods face challenges with regard to appropriate urban densification (which it seems is what is of a concern in the neighbourhood. Although, this argument is largely about the ignoring of issues brought forward to the ward councillor by residents) & it’s important that parties involved get together to discuss matters reasonably & find solutions which benefit our communities in good ways. This, of course, affects our safety (road safety in the neighbourhoods, pressure on SAPS, improvement of safety levels for those who move from less safe environments, etc.)

Watch the video & see for yourself. Araujo has, according to the news site, reported the incident to the police.


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