Pinelands Crime Spree – Please lock your doors at all times, say Police

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Our tips after reading this article:

  • magm067cDon’t forget to lock your doors, even if you’re at home.
  • Crime in SA is awful, but you can minimise your experience by taking some precautions
  • Get security gates if you don’t have them.
  • Don’t assume that, just because you have a high wall, that doors & windows can be unprotected.
  • Get night locks for sliding doors if you want to leave them ajar (they are DIY & can be purchased at Yale or Makro, etc. or get your local security company to install them with any other installations you have. For example, our company, Thorne, will install an night lock on sliding doors at clients’ request when we’re installing InvisiBars™ at your home).

Ensuring all entrances to your home are shut could save you from becoming a crime statistic.

Source: People's Post

Source: People’s Post

Pinelands police say leaving a garage or door unlocked serves as an invitation to criminals.

Pinelands police spokesperson Warrant Officer Tando Sonjica urges residents to make use of their security systems and secure their properties before settling in at night to avoid becoming a victim of a house robbery.

Last week, two women were held up in their Pinelands flat during a robbery.

The incident occurred at about 22:00 on Wednesday 26 March.

“The women were watching TV when the front door, which was unlocked, suddenly opened and an unknown man wearing dark clothes and bicycle gloves entered. He was accompanied by two other men also wearing dark clothes,” Sonjica says.

One suspect warned them that he and his “friends” do not want any problems and they are “only going to take their valuables”.

One suspect threatened to shoot them if they did not cooperate, but never produced a firearm.

The suspects fled the scene with two laptops and two cellphones.

No arrests have been made yet.

“We urge resident to be more vigilant and to take extra steps in ensuring their doors and windows are locked when they are home or when they are out,” Sonjica says.

Earlier that day, a similar crime was reported at about 20:30 when a woman was raped in her Pinelands home during an armed robbery.

The 52-year-old woman and her husband were watching TV when they were accosted by two men wearing balaclavas and gloves, police confirm.

Sonjica says it was established that the crimes are not connected.

“We can confirm that it was not the same group of men who threatened and robbed the women in their apartment. However, investigations into both incidents are continuing,” Sonjica says.

Sliding doors can offer easy access if they are not properly secured. “We urge residents to not leave keys in a gate or door and to close their curtains after dark to prevent suspects from observing the activities inside the house.”

Anyone with information on either of the incidents can contact Constable Swanepoel on (021)5062022.


One thought on “Pinelands Crime Spree – Please lock your doors at all times, say Police

  1. Most people don’t realise the ease in which a motivated burglar can access your house even if it seems secure. It can be quite easy to pop widows from frames, patio doors from their tracks etc as well as snapping off certain types of locks and simply walking through the door.

    From a DIY point of view you can purchase glass and window locks to prevent the simple “popping” to gain entry as well as replacing cylinder locks with break secure ones although you are likely to need a professional to help with this.

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