Toughest Firefighter Alive Competition Open now!

Source: City of Cape Town

Source: City of Cape Town

Did you know that the competition for the Toughest Firefighter Alive competition runs on 6th & 7th June this year. Competition entry has opened already, and so we urge you to get those entries rolling in for all the impressive firefighters you know! You may enter as an individual or a team – it’s all part of the fun & raising awareness about this essential part of our city’s safety task force.

 The following is straight from the City of Cape Town‘s website:
Source: City of Cape Town

Source: City of Cape Town

This year the City of Cape Town Fire & Rescue Services will be hosting the 3rd South African Open Toughest Fire Fighter Alive competition at the Good Hope Centre, Cape Town. Expanding on the success of this event last year, firefighters from various different Municipalities, the Armed Forces, Ports Authority, Aviation and many more are expected to participate in 2014.

The competition, open only to Fire Fighters, will be held on the 6th and 7th of June at the Good Hope Centre. This event is aimed at solidifying relationships between the various organisations through sports. This gruelling course is based on international standards, where FireFighters from across the world participate in.

Registration Details and Entry Fees

  • Source: City of Cape Town

    Source: City of Cape Town

    Registration for the competition opens on the 11th of March 2014 and closes on the 1st of June 2014.

  • Competitors and Teams are encouraged to register as early possible as this will give the organizers an estimate of the amount of contestants that can be expected.
  • In case of a large number of competitors willing to partake in the competition, every attempt will be made to accommodate all entrants. However if this is not possible, and there are many participants from one service, the organizer reserves the right to limit the competitors from that unit (with that units approval).
  • After the registration is completed a full list of registered competitors and teams, with starting times will be published and the teams will be required to pay the registration fee of R50 per individual orR100 per relay team.


  • Source: City of Cape Town

    Source: City of Cape Town

    Each team should have a leader whose function it will also be to relay information to the remainder of the team. The leader can be one of the competitors.

  • In justified cases it will be possible to change a participant after the date mentioned.
  • The payment of the registration fee is considered as confirmation of participation in the Competition.
  • The organizer reserves a right to change the rules (e.g. changes in order to simplify registration, adjust to the participants’ or units’ organizational capabilities, etc.).
  • In order to enter for the competition a registration form from our website should be completed, or any other information can be sent to: A return email will serve as confirmation of the registration fee transfer. In case of resignation from participation the registration fee will not be returned.


  • Medals will be awarded to the first three participants that complete each age category.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the overall winners.
  • Relay Team

Spectators and Children
Entrance is free for any spectators but please note that the venue is outdoors.

Competition Rules
The Competition rules and standards are based on the international stipulations which can be foundhere.

All participating fire-fighters are encouraged to display their cities banner.

Code of Conduct
The code of conduct will be strictly followed and enforced.

We at Thorne are pretty excited! Let’s see what happens on 6th & 7th of June!


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