DIY Friday! Spice Racks Spice Up Small Bathroom Spaces

Friday again! No way!

Today’s DIY Friday post comes from one source: Suite Revival, hosted by a blogger called Rachel.

We thought we’d share this particular blog, because a) it’s a simple project you can finish in one weekend (including cleaning up your bathroom & painting); b) it’s inexpensive; and c) proper storage can assist with home safety! That is, keeping your pills labelled & your first-aid kit in a place you can easily access are all part of generally making your home safer (and, by happy coincidence, more beautiful!).

Source: Suite Revival

Source: Suite Revival

So many of us find that spice racks are a little ‘outyds’, and tend to have no use for them.

Now you do! Blogger, Rachel, over at Suite Revival has shown that it’s pretty easy to upcycle a spice rack & make it look quite lovely too.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 2hrs excluding drying time for paint.

We recommend using a satin paint that can withstand steam exposure, as you’re putting this in your bathroom.

You need: An old spice rack, sandpaper, paint, paintbrush (unless you’re using spray paint), & equipment to mount the rack.

Drilling: this should be a simple process as your spice rack generally comes complete with holes for mounting. So you don’t have to add mounts to the rack (generally). You’ll just need wall plugs, screws & a basic drill. It’s insanely easy. If you do need a drilling tutorial, check out this Wiki for putting up shelves.

If you have tiles covering your entire bathroom wall, drilling is going to be tricky & a slow-going process & could destroy your nice tiles, so be prepared to get some pro help in for this. If so, you may consider an alternate mounting method (there are some extremely powerful adhesives around which you could use).

If you don’t already have a spice rack, you can probably get a decent one at flea markets like Milnerton Market for very cheap.

Source: Suite Revival

Source: Suite Revival

Step 1: Ensure your containers fit. Some spice racks are specifically made for certain container types. The smaller racks may be perfect for small items like nail polishes, face washes, etc.

Step 2: Sand your spice rack & ensure that it’s free of dust & dirt before painting.

Step 3: Paint the spice rack with a satin paint for bathroom use. Spray paint may be an easy solution. Ask at your local hardware store when you purchase the paint. Or just look at the paint container – it will tell you whether it’s suitable for high-moisture environments.

Step 4: Mount the rack (but only after the paint is completely dried).

Step 5: Organise! Fill the containers with necessary items you regularly use (vitamins, etc.), plasters & safety pins, etc. & label them clearly. BE SURE TO KEEP THE RACK OUT OF REACH OF KIDS.

Step 6: Stay organised by regularly throwing away empty containers, dusting the rack at least once per week, ensuring labels are up-to-date & picking up any spilled items immediately. Keeping tidy in this way will ensure that, in the unhappy event of an accident in the home, you know exactly where to go to & you can see precisely what you’ve run out of after using items in the rack.

Source: Suite Revival

Source: Suite Revival

Source: Suite Revival

Source: Suite Revival

Thanks again to Suite Revival for the awesome idea!

Thorne posts regular DIY items, but always with a focus on safety & in support of our mission to ensure South Africans become more safety conscious & can do so in affordable & accessible ways.


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