Weird Burglaries, Weird World

We thought we’d poke fun at a topic that normally has us enraged: burglaries. For today’s post, here are some pretty strange burglaries that have happened around the world:

Human brain tissue

brain tissue guy

Source: ABC (

A 21 year-old man was arrested for breaking into a medical history museum in the US & stealing brain tissue. What did he do with it? Sold it online, of course! How did he get caught? A CUSTOMER (yes, somebody bought the lovely stuff) saw the museum’s label on the jar & reported it.




Egg Hat!

OK, this isn’t as much of a burglary as a theft. But we had to include it because, well, Cape Town! The famous Egg Man, Greg Da Silva, who could be seen around the City Centre (usually around Greenmarket Square) & in the local street parades, had his egg hat stolen (that’s a record-breaking hat!) while he suffered from heat stroke in Germany. That’s pretty weird, but also pretty mean! Nobody helped him? What could they do with his hat? The good news is that it looks like he’s got it back (or made a new one), and is living happily in Germany (and has a new baby!).




Front Lawn

Source: Unique Daily

Source: Unique Daily

There’s nothing worse than going away for the weekend & discovering that you’ve been burgled when you get back. But nobody expects the front lawn to be gone! This poor burglary victim, Denise Thompson, had her lawn stolen one day from her home in Canada & was pretty irate when she discovered the theft. The same thing happened to Steve Woolnough in the UK. If this is a trend, then those with those new & expensive ‘fake grass’ lawns I’ve seen cropping up (hehe) around the city should probably keep an eye out for lawn-stealers.



The Cat Burgled The Neighbourhood

Source: Telegraph.

The above burglaries all have one thing in common. They’ve all been committed by cunning, but very human, thieves. Not so in this story. Norris, a (rather adorable) tabby cat has been prowling his neighbourhood in search of loot & come home with items such as oven mitts & dishtowels. His thievery had later escalated to underwear, German sausages, gravy tubes & bathroom mats.

Norris’s embarrassed humans, Richard and Sophie Windsor, have since had to write notes to their neighbours to attempt to return the items to them. Giving the underwear back could not have been a fun task.



An Entire House

stolen house

Source: Lawbriefupdate

A double-storey wooden house was stolen in Malaysia & the ‘burglary’ (can your house be burgled if it’s not there?) was discovered by the owner, Zuria Ali, who rented the property out, when he heard rumour that his house was gone. Only a damaged TV set, 24 concrete pillar holders & bits of broken wood were found in the home’s stead. It seems the property-nicking happened without protest, as neighbours assumed the dismantling of the house was sanctioned by the home-owner. All the home’s contents were also stolen.

“I had heard that my house had vanished and was curious to find out the truth,” Zuria was quoted as saying by the newspaper.



A 300 square feet of paving stones were stolen from a driveway in the US was stolen from Rachel McCarty in Marion County. Hilariously, the thieves were caught when they returned to the scene of their crime to steal what they couldn’t take the first time.






An Entire Kitchen

Source: Free Digital Photos

Source: Free Digital Photos

The entire contents of a kitchen, including the kitchen sink, were stolen from an historic property in the  UK. Not only were cupboard finishes & large appliances taken, but doors, iron gates & fencing, and bathroom fittings as well. I suppose that if you’re going to burgle a home uncontested, you may as well get everything, right? The stolen items were worth over £200,000. Ouch.





Church Pulpit

Back in 1957, a church pulpit & pews were stolen in an area called Gold Hill. Then, in 1992, another church experienced the same fate: this time at the hands of their fired pastor. We sadly don’t have a better link to the last story than an oddities article, but we’ll link to it because it’s pretty intriguing.





Chickens ‘with afros’

chicken burglar

Source: Kentonline

A 24-year-old burglar in Sheppey, UK, started his crime spree after losing his job & feeling pretty blue about it. To make up for his loss, he got drunk one night & started stealing bicycles, electronics & chickens. He targeted them, possibly because of the ‘afro haircuts’ he said they sported, and they were only part of a long night of burgling. The burglar, Aubrey Hope, was caught by police using mobile phone tracking, and got two years in gaol for his efforts.





Human Hair

Source: Free Digital Photos

Source: Free Digital Photos

And we’re back to South Africa! Though, this time the theft occurred here, not just to one of our famous residents. People with dreadlocks in Johannesburg have been having their hair stolen right from their heads.This was reported last year, and the hair sells for a pretty penny in salons. Shame, and… gross.






Mobility Scooter

Once again, the UK proves a hotbed of unusual crimes. A pensioner, Andrew Penman’s, mobility scooter was nabbed after crooks attempted to charge him for ‘repairs’ & he refused to pay up. He realised too late that they were fraudsters, but stood his ground when he pointed out to them that their unsolicited repairs should be covered by the warranty on it. Fortunately, he’s received a replacement by his medical service provider.





Michael Flatley’s Rhino Horn

There are many things wrong with this story. I can’t lament enough about the horrors of rhino horn trade & how few rhino we have left. As of 17 January 2014, statistics showed that 1004 rhinos were killed in South Africa last year. So we’re not confused about why burglars target Michael Flatley’s home. Rhino horn is a hot commodity. But what is confusing is: why on earth would the celebrity have a stuffed rhino head in his home? Sure, it may be antique. But is it tasteful? Good grief, no! Not in today’s climate of rampant rhino poaching. Yuck, Michael Flatley.



Freud’s Ashes

Burglars tried to steal Sigmund Freud’s ashes from the Golders Green Crematorium on New Years’ day this year. They managed to damage the antique (dating back to the third centry) urn containing the famous psychoanalyst’s & his wife’s ashes. They didn’t succeed in stealing it, and they haven’t been caught.





Mouse Steals Dentures. Antagonises Homeowner.

And we end off on another adorable tale of trickery & deceit by a furry planet-dweller. Bill Exner, from the US, has had an ongoing battle with a mouse in his house. After capturing it multiple times & releasing it, it’s managed to find its way back to resume its taunting & crime spree. His dentures were taken from his bedroom & later found in the mouse’s den, after he cut out a bit of his wall to get to it. According to exner’s wife, the mouse apparently isn’t done. It frequently comes out and stares at him.


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