DIY Friday #1: Easy wall art from fabric

It’s February, you’re still suffering from the festive season splurge, and you really don’t need another project/activity which is going to cost you money. That’s why, our very first DIY Friday series starts with something so cheap & simple, your 4-year-old niece (she’s almost 5, she reminds me, regularly) can do it!

Why? Because bare walls are bleak. We’ve just moved into a new spot & we’re looking to brighten things up without buying pricey wall hangings.

Difficulty? Easy

Time? 30 minutes (minus shopping time)

There are some beautiful examples online, such as that featured in our cover image by Brit + Co or the image shown here by Infarrantly Creative


  • Fabric of your choice (note: for added meaning & a little artistic flair, try framing fabric from a loved item of clothing or furnishing which you can’t let go of. It could be both beautiful & meaningful & will make for a half-decent conversation-piece at your next party. Re-using old fabric is also cheaper & better for the environment).
  • A stretched canvas (you could get this from art stores or from a wholesaler like Osman’s for between R15 & R100 a piece) OR make your own frame using these instructions:
  • If you don’t have a frame you could use the styrofoam method.
  • Why not use old picture frames or large, leftover bits of (thick) cardboard packaging? Even shoebox lids work!
  • A staple gun (I got mine at Builder’s Warehouse, but you could try multiple hardware stores, Makro, etc.) OR superglue, OR possibly thumb tacks/push pins, depending on whether they’ll penetrate the wood you’ve chosen or not.


  • Get fabric with large patterns which pick up colours in the room you’re looking to decorate.

  • If you like, get frames of different sizes & try to arrange them attractively on an empty wall. Try to avoid an enormous pile of disorganised colour, and stagger them evenly & carefully to create a feature.
  • Certain fabrics may not work well on frames – if it’s too ‘stretchy’, thin, or worn, it may not work
  • If you’re skint, go with the shoebox option pictured above!.

For video instruction, visit the Nursery DIY page.

There! A simple, easy & potentially cheap way to decorate your home. The DIY way. I’ll show you mine as soon as I’ve convinced my partner to let me cut up his favourite Sun Pulp t-shirt 🙂

This blog, though hosted by Thorne, is dedicated solely to home security & DIY projects, so send us your feedback if you’d like to know more about a specific security product or a DIY project. Follow us on Facebook if you’d like to get regular updates.


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