Home Security During Home Renovations


Read this guest post by Spencer Blohm with this week’s tips:

Chances are, if you find yourself frequently visiting a security blog, you’re pretty good at keeping your security up-to-date. You already follow basic security tips, are meticulous about activating your alarm system, and double-check on your home by calling neighbors while you’re traveling and away from the home. You might even be the type that has joined the neighborhood watch, habitually locks doors, and even prowls security informational sites like this one, looking to find home security tips.

Alert those who need to know:

However, you may still have a moment of security weakness while renovating. Renovations can be great to both improve security and transform your home into a more beautiful version of itself. However, if you’re considering making major structural changes, you need to take precautions that you’re not leaving your home open to theft. If you’re leaving your home vacant while construction takes place, both your home security company and local police department should be contacted. Officials can check on your home not only to make sure your property is safe, but also to prevent any squatters or other uninvited people taking up residence in your home. Most major home security companies already offer 24/7 monitoring, but can keep extra tabs on a home they know is unoccupied.

Protecting the home’s contents

Some renovations are minor procedures, which means that you may remain in your home while construction is taking place. You may even be the one doing the fix-ups on your off-time! If you’ve decided to add an addition onto your home, or are altering the structure of your house enough so that you have open doors, windows, and walls, it’s time to invest in door and window guards. Plastic may work to keep temperature levels inside your home level, but a thief could easily take advantage of a partially built wall or open window. Window and door guards are used on vacant properties, and provide much better coverage.

Tool care

At the end of a long day working on renovations, it might be tempting to leave building materials and equipment drillspread across your lawn. The main issue with this decision is, as any construction worker will tell you, tools are expensive, and because they’re often left out, the items are most often stolen and resold elsewhere. To prevent this, put any tools away in the garage or shed, and place alarms on items that are too big to be moved inside. That way, if anyone attempts to move the larger items, the sensor should alert you.

Basic security necessities

The last step is to double and triple check that your home is as locked up as possible at the end of the day. Contractors, construction workers, designers, and your family may all be wandering in and out of your home at various times, but at the end of the day it’s your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure every door is dead bolted. Your home is your sanctuary, and if you’re taking the time to perfect it exactly to your style, you should also make sure to protect yourself while renovations are taking place!

This article was guest written by Spencer Blom


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