Burglary trends: large window smashing

glassWe try to keep up to date at Thorne with the latest trends in burglaries here in Cape Town, and what’s been cropping up more & more is the tendency to smash large fixed window panes (non-opening window panes) to gain entry. Tygerberg, Grassy Park, Milnerton, to name but a few locations, are all being hit with this type of intrusion. Why are burglars becoming so brazen? We’re not sure. Perhaps because most people have burglar bars & burglars have discovered that quick entry & exit through unprotected fixed window panes is worth it, as a significant amount of theft can be done in a short time. We recently heard of a victim who was sleeping (and the rest of the family, too) while burglars tried to unclip his aluminium frames from the????????????? outside (another trend). However, silicone sealant had been added to the glass panes, meaning that they were not easy to remove. The burglar’s response: he picked up a large rock from the neighbour’s garden & smashed the entire fixed window pane & was in & out within minutes, arms filled with stolen goods & a getaway car within easy reach. By the time armed response arrived, there was no trace of him. Naturally, the family was scared & they had new burglar bars fitted soon after. The lesson here is that it may be beneficial to cover more than just your opening panes with burglar bars in Cape Town. While quiet areas may seem more vulnerable, the truth is that this is starting to happen everywhere, at various times of the day. Do yourself a favour & get yourself covered. Either add smash-proof film to your window panes, or have burglar bars running across all windows. Even if you don’t opt for InvisiBars™, you have multiple options available in steel or aluminium. But remember: there should never be a space of greater than 120mm between each bar, as burglars can squeeze through it (but don’t take my word for it, watch this video instead).. Stay safe!


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