Warning: why not to mix your household cleaners together!

It’s funny how little we know about the chemical products we keep in our homes. Most of us wouldn’t normally consider mixing these items together, but we also wouldn’t consider the dangers if they are accidentally (or purposefully for some reason) done so!

Cleaning products are a mix of chemical products

Have a look at the labels on your cleaners. Check out those ingredients. They’ve been chosen specifically to do a certain job & have already been carefully combined to do so. If you want to add punch to them, we do not recommend combining them together – ever!  That ‘punch’ could hurt you.

Bleach, ammonia, acid:

bleachDidn’t think you could create a chemical weapon in your home? Lethal, you say? Bleach mixed with ammonia, for example, can create extremely toxic gases which in some cases can kill. So don’t ever mix bleach with products which may contain ammonia. Handy Andy & other bathroom/kitchen surface cleaners almost always contain ammonia. Don’t let it near your bleach. In fact, here are 3 simple rules:

  • Don’t ever mix anything with bleach.
  • Don’t ever mix anything with ammonia.
  • Don’t ever mix anything with acids (e.g. vinegar).

There! Simple. What could happen if you do? You could create chlorine gas, chloramine & other harmful substances. You may not notice any smell or see anything at first, but it could affect your breathing, irritate your eyes & skin or even kill you. There have been cases of individuals badly affected by the mixing of cleaning products to get a better clean.

Read up on the items before you mix them.

There are plenty of DIY cleaning products you could make, but be sure that you’ve done your homework before you do so. Even vinegar, a common substance used for natural cleaning products, can react badly with other products such as bleach.

What about antibacterial products? 

Pine cleaners, etc. may contain a compound called quaternary ammonia which make the product less effective when combined with foaming soap items.

Safety notes:

Don’t mix the same type of product together made by different brands. Each brand creates their own unique blend of chemicals which may react with another’s blend if mixed.

If you think you may have accidentally mixed products together & inhaled, get away from the area & consult a doctor. Even if you do not rubberglovefeel ill, consult a doctor, as the effects may be delayed.

Don’t have ANY cleaning products within reach of children. Keep them far, far away.

When using cleaning products, keep windows open to ventilate.

Always use gloves when using cleaning products.

If you feel unwell or lightheaded while cleaning, leave the room immediately & get some fresh air.

A list of products which may contain acids (full article here):

  • vinegar
  • some glass and window cleaners
  • some automatic dishwasher detergentsand rinses
  • some toilet bowl cleaners
  • some drain cleaners
  • some lime, calcium and rust removal products
  • some brick and concrete cleaners

A list of items which may contain ammonia:


  • some glass and window cleaners
  • urine (be careful if you clean cat litter boxes or use a diaper pail)
  • some interior and exterior paints.

For more information, please visit: 







Safe cleaning!




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