Guest Infographic: Profile of a Burglar

This infographic was provided by guest blogger, Stephen Malina of Security Cameras Direct in the U.S.

While we post about security needs in South Africa here, this infographic is incredibly useful as it paints a very similar picture to profile of the South African burglar: young, opportunistic, acting as fast & efficiently as possible. They use any tools available, from crowbars (very popular for getting through security gates & front doors) to knives, rocks (for smashing windows) & screwdrivers, among others.

Read this infographic to get a basic breakdown of your home’s weakest entry points (here in South Africa, you should pay extra attention to your windows), and why you should ALWAYS – absolutely always – use multiple levels of security on your property. Never rely on your alarm system alone, or on your burglar bars alone. Use a few methods in collaboration with one another. And if you find that you can’t afford the latest security barriers, use anything possible to deter burglars – make it visible & make THEM visible if they try to break in by adequately lighting up your property.

Thanks to Stephen Malinas & Security Cameras Direct for the infographic. View it below & visit if you’re based in the US & looking for a wide range of security cameras!



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