Spear-phishing: targeted phishing scams could have already tricked you

If you don’t already know what phishing is, well, that’s concerning. But even if you’re wary of those scammy, unsolicited e-mails used to trick you into logging into fake websites & submit your personal details, as well as valuable financial & other information, there remain new & even more impressively devious ways to coerce you to give up your precious data!

Enter spear-phishing. This targeted form of phishing locates specific users or organisations to send out e-mails which look truly authentic. By doing so, most users are not aware that they’ve been duped, and it is claimed that even experts find it hard to tell the scam e-mails from real ones.

A sophisticated series of attacks, the most commonly hit & used sites are those of financial institutions (banks, etc.), social media sites, big brands & law enforcement/intelligence sites. The general setup is the same as with the old-fashioned phishing techniques: you receive an e-mail, click on an attachment, are taken to a fake website, and you fill in necessary private data.

Read the fantastic infographic from Via Resource, for more info & visit their website to help better protect yourself from spear-phishing scams.



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