Improving your physical fitness – what does this have to do with Home Security?

This is a bit of a cheat article, because I personally love perusing fitness sites & blogs & catching up with the latest fitness trends (note: short workouts are the new IN thing!), so I wanted to include this for fun, more than anything else, at first.

But from a professional perspective, I got to thinking: will promoting improved physical fitness be in line with my promotion of effective home security measures?


I don’t mean that  we all have to be in superhuman condition to fight off intruders or other scary notions. In fact, I do NOT recommend fighting off intruders at all (since hopefully your home security efforts go far to prevent any intrusion at all & if you are faced with a break-in, do your best to call the authorities and GET OUT OF HARMS WAY).

How improving your physical condition can help improve your safety:

1.       You will sleep better


Image: David Castillo Dominici

Sleeping more restfully allows you to be more alert the next day & stops you from experiencing bouts of light & heavy sleep throughout the night (resulting in stress & overreaction to sound & dreams).  It may also help you act in a slightly more clear-headed way to stressful situations like attempted break-ins, identity theft, etc. if you are well-rested & calm.

2.       Your heart will thank you for it!heart

Encountering the shock & stress of a break-in, fire, theft, etc. can be enough to send your body into turmoil. If you have a strong body (and therefore, stronger, less-strained heart), you stand a lower risk of heart-attack.

3.       You will be able to move faster

If you need to get out of your house in case of fire or any other security hazard, being in good shape will help you do so faster! It will also help you to help others who are not as physically able as you are.

4.       You are less likely to cause yourself physical harm

You may be putting up your sensor beams or raising your perimeter wall. Any physical activity is better assisted by being in the best physical shape you can be in. Pulled muscles while running to turn the alarm off, poor balance while installing CCTV cameras, and many other similar unnecessary injuries can really be dangerous for you and/or your family.


Image: Stuart Miles

5.       You help to create routines in your day-to-day life.

Starting an exercise regime can really help to organise your daily activities, as it’s not always easy to just work out whenever you feel like it. Being more organised leads to being more aware of your activities, your home, your family, etc. This, in turn, helps you to be more proactive about making other improvements in your life that may otherwise have been procrastinated or forgotten about.

6.       You may create a network of friends/acquaintances who can help you in times of trouble.


Image: Paul Gooddy

If you play a sport or work out with others (a neighbour is an added bonus!), this may help you increase your friend base & have people to rely on if you need it. I don’t advise sharing all your personal information with the random dude you met at the gym, but if you have genuine & trusted friends, and they also regularly look out for you on the field, court or weight room, you’ll improve your chances of having additional eyes out for your well-being. Good teammates will encourage even better & more healthful living, help you exercise safely, offer needed advice & may even be emergency contacts for you.

7.       Your reaction time will improve.

Some types of physical training such as sports, weight-training, and others will help to speed up your reflexes & react better to potential dangerous situations. Ducking to avoid a falling home-improvement disaster, jumping out of the way of a car that came out of nowhere, there are endless ways improving your alertness & reaction to sudden change will help you.

8.       Your mood will improve.

dancer 2I can’t say enough how being in a better mood can make things go more smoothly for you. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a foul mood, things just always go horribly wrong for you? Knees get smashed into tables, cars are bumped into lampposts, and so forth. Eating unhealthily & living a sedentary lifestyle does not help your mood at all, and a bad mood can lead to bad decision-making, a poor friend network, and other unhappy things.

9.       You’ll save money!

Less money spent on frequent doctors’ visits, unhealthy food or alcohol & medical prescriptions is a great bonus to adding some more effort to your health regime.  And saving money could free up more cash for possible home & security improvements, make you a little happier, or give you a much-needed vacation to help keep those stress-levels down.

10.   It’s technically free! empty-wallet

While you’re probably thinking that the cost of gyms is enough to eliminate all that healthy happiness you earn through exercise, you can think again. You certainly don’t need a gym to exercise, and with Internet access, you can access a wealth of instructional videos, simple articles and encouraging forums for bodyweight exercises.

It is important to remember that in taking measures to improve your physical health & fitness, that you practice safe methods of doing so. Read up on good form in performing exercises, healthy supplements (and not dangerous ones) and how much exercise to do at various stages of fitness. The information is all out there for you to enjoy for free!

We’ll add more physical fitness articles and others that add to a more holistic attitude to home security. Enjoy & stay safe!



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