Greening your home – planet safety, personal safety & pocket safety!

green homeDon’t groan! You’re not sick of hearing about the green revolution yet because we haven’t even started! Well, perhaps you are. And perhaps we have, but with all the trendy buzzwords flying around, we’ve been inundated with this message that we have to ‘go green’, but are we all really attempting it?

Why ‘Going Green’ can better your safety.

So, you may not care about the safety of the planet, but we can narrow our focus a bit and look at your direct environment. Multiple safety issues are affected by our attitude to our environment: the safety of our own (and our family’s) health, the companion animals we live with, our vigilance with regard to caring for our home, our gardens, our neighbours & communities, and even the upkeep of our security equipment.


Let’s take a look at the products and appliances we use regularly, the cost of these items, and their effect on the running of our household. Now, eco-friendly products are far from cheap, so you may feel that your household can do without the added expense of trendy ecological items. But it all needn’t be that pricey! In fact, some items may actually save you money in the long-run, leaving you with more resources to purchase or maintain better security products, the eco-friendly items may be of better quality & last longer, and you are more likely to pay attention to the state of your household items if you’re vigilant enough to monitor usage, etc.

Now also consider the harmful products we expose our families to so often when using the cheaply-made, industrial strength products which not only can cause personal harm, but damage our environments as well. These dangers can be eliminated by switching to greener alternatives. Still think they’re too pricey? But you can make some of them yourself! (Like, you know, almost free!) There we go, got your attention.

Water aerators, energy efficient light bulbs, insulation, A-rated appliances, motion sensor lights, timed sprinklers, D.I.Y. cleaning products, electronic invoices, solar garden lights, and so many more handy items are all going to save you money, help you do less harm to the environment, and help make your house less attractive to intruders (but not less attractive to you or your guests!).

 10 Easy little switches you can make:

paper bills

1. Stop getting all those awful bills, newsletters & papers in the post! First, you’ll have to get your neighbours to collect them when you’re away or else opportunistic burglars will spot the build-up & know the home is empty. Newspapers, billing & newsletters are all available online (and if they’re not, ask them where they’ve been the last decade), so make the switch! It’s easier to file, won’t get lost in a fire & you don’t have to get all that nasty envelope glue on your hands.

2. Get a motion sensor for your exterior lights. It’ll save energy & will be effective in lighting up areas intruders are likely to target.

3. If you prefer some exterior lights that are permanently burning, go the energy-saving or LED route. They’re mighty effective & you don’t need a blazing light to light up a front stoep or gate.

4. Make your own cleaning products. From innocent household items like vinegar & bicarb, you’ll be able to make

eco cleaningwindow cleaners, surface scrubs & more which will not only be more gentle on your skin & senses, but also the environment. Little ones accidentally getting their hands on them will also be less likely to be harmed by dangerous chemicals (but of course, still keep it out of reach & put terrifying warning images on them to frighten them off drinking it). Chances are there are multiple uses for everyday pantry items you haven’t even considered! Such as using lemons for air-freshening, olive oil to remove glue residue & white wine to remove stains. You have it already, why not use it? Just search for eco-friendly cleaning recipes online.

5. Insulate! Get your homes cosier, more comfortable & energy-efficient by insulating it as best as you can. It’ll cost a bit in initial investment, but it’ll keep you happy year round (cool in summer, warm in winter), and be a huge help during the cold & flu seasons. Start with fitting thicker glass panes, as well as getting more sophisticated window frames. At the same time, you’ll get healthy & controlled air-flow through your home – a great treat for sinus-sufferers.

exercise safely

6. Not using your gym contract? Save electricity by joining some of your neighbours in an evening jog or fitness programme. It may be a long shot, but we always encourage people to get to know their neighbours to improve neighbourhood safety. If you like working out & you have a neighbour who doesn’t irritate you too much, get them to come along! That way you won’t be paying monthly gym fees, using electricity-driven treadmills, and you’ll be safer in numbers when exercising outdoors.

7. Get pre-paid electricity. It’ll keep your eye on the meter & keep you conscious of your home consumption. I’ve Save electricitypersonally done the switch recently, and it’s certainly encouraged me to switch off more appliances, meaning there’s no electricity leakage (good for my pocket!) and less likelihood of leaving dangerous appliances on or easily triggered (good for safety!).

8. On that note: switch off all appliances when not in use! You’ve probably heard that power is still drained when they’re on and ‘on standby’, so you’ll improve your spending & safety by doing so.

9. Get our InvisiBars! Ah, yes, shameless self-promotion, but we couldn’t not include this greener alternative here in

Eco Burglar Barsthis article! Polycarbonate may not appear to be the most green item around, but when you consider burglar bar alternatives, here’s how they beat them:

*The material is recyclable, and manufacturers use leftovers to make hordes of additional items. *InvisiBars are cleanly & quickly installed, without grinding or welding, so no need for electricity wastage.

*Off-cuts are re-used.

*There is almost no debris from cutting & installation, so little pollution.

*They require no harmful paints or coating.

*No cleaning materials are necessary – just a little dusting & voila!

*To not only stop environmental waste, but to save on costs too, Thorne is highly economical in its product usage – barely anything ends up in the rubbish bin!

10. Got a bit of money to spend? Really? Then what about home automation? You can automate everything from your sprinkler system, activation or deactivation of appliances & water boilers, as well as efficiently controlling your heating.

There are so many more reasons to green up, but these are obvious ways you can consider adjusting your lifestyle to take better care of yourself & your family, improve your personal safety & protect the environment.


2 thoughts on “Greening your home – planet safety, personal safety & pocket safety!

  1. This is a very helpful and motivating post. I’m going to practice some if not all of the tips you have given. But can you recommend me of the best home alarm companies that will make my home even a safer place to live?

    • Hi Marie! It depends on where you live – I can recommend some fantastic providers in South Africa. I will recommend that you always obtain a reputable & registered provider (registered with national security bodies) of alarm systems, as they will be held accountable for any potential failures & you can enlist them to conduct regular check-ups. This may be costly, but if you’re living in a high-crime location, it will be worth it. Some offer the option of ‘armed response’, others simply monitor. Depending on your particular needs and budget, you do have a variety of options to choose from! We’ll be writing an article dedicated to alarm systems soon, so we’ll keep you posted! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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