Floods Cause Safety Issues All Around Cape

The recent weekend has proved disastrous for many living in the Cape Town region, particularly those with the fewest resources to secure their homes from the onslaught of water after heavy rains & winds. With hundreds requiring urgent assistance from the municipality, the upcoming week stares intimidatingly at us as we prepare for further awful weather in Cape Town.


Photo: Mail & Guardian

If you have the opportunity to assist or provide advice to those vulnerable to the flooding, the following tips & advice have been listed on the SA Weather and Disaster Observation Service:

· Motorists should slow down an

d maintain a safe following distances on roadways.

· Residents must keep a careful eye on open flames and extinguish fires (including candles, lamps and paraffin stoves) before going to bed.

· Members of the public should stay away from areas such as the Sea Point Promenade, Atlantic Seaboard, False Bay coa

stline and Strand/Gordon’s Bay beachfront during this period, to avoid the risk of tidal backwash.

· Private home owners living close to the beach need to be prepared for possible storm

surge impacts to their property.

Residents can reduce their flood risk by adhering to the following tips:

· Check and maintain the private dra

inage facilities on your property to ensure that they are in good working order.

· Check for dead and burnt trees that could fall onto the property, and notify the authorities if there is a danger.


Photo: David Ritchie

· Place sandbags where necessary to protect critical areas.

· If there is a threat of severe flooding or debris flow to your property, select a route through the property that will cause the least damage (such as a pathway or stairs) and use sandbags to t

ry and confine the flow to that route.

· Raise the floor level of your home so that it is higher than the land outside.

· Listen to weather warnings that are issued by the South African Weather Service.

· Check the terms of your insurance policy with regard to flood and mud damage.


Photo: Tory Byrne (Avolore)

With regard to your home security, check that there has been no damage to any exterior fencing (particularly ele

ctric fencing); stand-alone, exterior alarms; or other vulnerable equipment. Be even more vigilant than usual in checking that all is in order with your security equipment as, burglars do prefer more vulnerable properties, which times like these offer up in abundance.

Assist neighbours where possible in securing their homes too – if not out of goodness, then certainly because if their homes are vulnerable, so is yours! We know you’re all good samaritans out there, so we won’t use this chance to preach about how good will helps keep our neighbourhoods safer 🙂

Best regards (and take care this winter!),

The Thorne Team



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