InvisiBars™ do the job beautifully – begone, foul metal prison bars!


We have noticed a few common questions that come up when people ask us about InvisiBars™. Naturally, some are uncertain of the actual safety of these clear burglar bars, and seem certain that metal and only metal is the way to secure their homes.

Wrong! With the police service, airplane pilots & factory machine operators (among many others) all putting their faith in the material (polycarbonate) every day, we can assure you that safety is absolutely InvisiBars™ most attractive quality. Shatterproof and with a degree of flexibility, InvisiBars™ are powerfully strong burglar bars which allow no intruder in. We use 6mm thick sheets for our bars (which is thicker than that often used in the industry) and, if installed by our trained and experienced installers, they cannot be bent or pulled from their supports & they will prevent even the most determined intruder from sneaking in to your home.

Another question that comes up is: While the bars are beautiful and clear, will I be stuck with monstrous & unsightly screw-caps which negate the point of getting elegant burglar bars?


Neat, colour-matched screw caps add and elegant finish

Answer: Absolutely not. Thorne has sourced small, neat & attractive caps which match the colour of your window frames. Unlike many of the caps which come with similar burglar bars, ours will not stand out in the way some of you were concerned they would.

Question: Does Thorne charge for providing quotes?

Answer: Not at all. There is no pressure to purchase and we will never hound you for a hard sale – we really are as transparent as our bars are, and aspire to provide the best service to our clients. Which includes leaving you to choose for yourselves whether or not you want to purchase our products – even if we have visited your home for measurements.

Question: How do I clean my InvisiBars™?

Answer: InvisiBars™ only need an occasional dusting or wipe with a non-abrasive cloth. Don’t use chemicals such as thinners or acid-based cleaners to clean them, but just a little water if you prefer.

Question: What type of guarantees do you offer on InvisiBars™?

Answer: InvisiBars™ are guaranteed to be protected against loss of impact strength over the next decade & light transmission for 10 years.


Question: How long does it take to install InvisiBars™?

Answer: Depending on the number of windows you require to be covered, installations can range anywhere between as little as an hour, or up to a few days. We always do our best to fit in with your schedule, so as to cause as little disruption or inconvenience to you.

Question: Is installing InvisiBars™ a messy process?

Answer: Not if we can help it! Our installers not only look sharp in their Thorne uniforms, but work tidily & efficiently in order to leave your living space free of mess.  Unlike working with metal, InvisiBars™ are easily and cleanly cut & neatly attached to your windows.

More questions and answers to follow soon!


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