Competition Time At Thorne! You Like?

Online security competition

Thorne’s Facebook followers stand a chance to win security products in their upcoming series of competitions. While the prizes are limited to Cape Town followers (or any who may be able to redeem the items in Cape Town) at present, who knows what the future will hold for the growing base of followers around South Africa?

Intercom PrizeThe first prize is a 1:1 Intercom System (D.I.Y.) from Yale, valued at over R300. The competition ends today (Tuesday 3 July), however, at 5pm, so if you’d like to get your entry in, do it quickly!

Future competitions may include InvisiBars giveaways too, so don’t give up if you haven’t won this time (or if you missed your chance).

Online competitions are a great way to get people to pay attention to web content and blogs (such as this one!), and Thorne’s content is particularly useful for the South African Market. Focused on home safety & security, this security company is dedicated to offering useful advice for those wishing to ensure they live comfortably, safely & affordably in South Africa.

Soon to come are book reviews covering security-related media, D.I.Y. projects, more safety tips & an outlet for venting your security concerns in South Africa.

“It is our aim to create a platform that is open for all interested to find convenient and accessible ways to secure your home and keep yourself safe”, says Stacey Thorne, one of the company’s three owners.

“We’ve discovered that there is such incredible interest, but a decided lack in knowledge & accessibility regarding security in South Africa. We’re making use of our personal experience & customer reports to share information with the public” Stacey says. join the community now and not only win by keeping yourself informed, but by getting attractive prizes as well! ‘Like’ & ‘Share’ the competition page for your entry. It’s that simple! And unlike the larger-scale competitions, these competitions are regularly run, have short entry periods (so you don’t wait a year before hearing the results), and your chances of winning are higher!

Best of luck & we look forward to hearing from you :)


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