Can Security Products Be Cool?

They’re a necessity, and they aren’t always considered as the coolest gadgets to have around. But can security products, in fact, be cool?

Security magazineJust browsing the US online magazine, Electronic House, indicates that there is growing interest in innovative & handy security products, pushing them into the realm of ‘cool’ and out of their designated ‘boring home essentials’ category.

From elegantly designed surveillance cameras in copper frame to home automation systems, security products are fast becoming not only more convenient, but better looking, more exciting, and more versatile.

On the hunt for cool stuff in SA

Here in South Africa, the product ranges are more limited and budgets tighter than large markets like in the US. However, the unfor

tunately high crime rate has created an acceptance of expensive security products as part of our standard home improvements, and so we’ve begun to demand items that are not only necessary, but also pleasing to the eye & fun to use.

Attractive Surveillance

Infra Red security cameraFrom discreet CCTV systems to handy intercoms & remote entry packages, we are not that far from being able to ask for more glamorous answers to our call for hi-tech security. Here at Thorne Barrier Systems, we’re always looking for new products that are not only value for money, but also add to the aesthetic qualities of your home. And we’re always listening to our customers’ demands for new products & ensuring that we can source the best there is at the best price possible.

Your wish is our command!

What types of security products would you love to see in your home? Hard-to-detect surveillance? More attractive electric fencing or wall spikes? Fire or smoke detectors that blend into your home decor? By letting your security product providers know what it is you most desire, they will better understand the demand out there and source or construct the products to suit your specifications.

InvisiBarsThorne has already provided an attractive version of the standard burglar bar: InvisiBars (transparent polycarbonate burglar bars). With demand for this product at an impressive high, we’re now setting our sights on other desirable security items. So give us a shout & let us know what it is you’d most like to see (or not see!) in your home.

We’d love to know more about your home automation dreams, your D.I.Y. security solutions, your handy hints for keeping your home safe when you’re away, etc. Getting to know you will help us to bring you better, more exciting products, cooler gadgets & better prices!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Send feedback to: or contact us 0218367925 | 0218024745 | 0218014745


4 thoughts on “Can Security Products Be Cool?

  1. As soon as motion has not been detected for a set period of time, the temperature can
    begin to decrease, saving you money and energy. No, others in the neighborhood will not find it easy to link on the network.
    Today’s technology allows for monitoring regardless of whether you have a standard phone line.

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